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Ripple Singapore will not be continuing the Ripple Singapore gateway service after 31 October 2016.
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~RippleSingapore (r9Dr5xwkeLegBeXq6ujinjSBLQzQ1zQGjH)

Buy Bullion

Buy XAU, XAG or XPT in our bullion counter and have it issued straight to your ripple wallet.

Free Storage

Free STAR+ storage at The Safe House vault operated by Silver Bullion Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Spend Bullion

Spend your bullion at any merchant accepting debit cards.

Trade Bullion

Trade your bullion against any other asset or currency on ripple.

Download Bullion

Withdraw your bullion physically or into your own segregated STAR+ account.

Upload Bullion

Deposit your STAR+ bullion to your ripple wallet to trade, spend or send it.

Fully Insured

All our holdings are insured by XL Insurance Company SE.

Singapore Jurisdiction

No GST, no capital gains taxes, no foreign jurisdiction exposure.